Voluntary and community groups play an important role in providing services and activities for children, young people and adults.   In UK law, someone is a child until they are 18 years old. It is essential that the services and activities your group offers are as safe as they can be, and to ensure this, there is a need to have safeguards in place. 

Having safeguards in place will help your group protect children, young people and adults from harm and abuse as well as help staff and volunteers know what to do if they are worried or concerned about a child or adult. 

Also be watchful and look out for friends, families and neighbours, and if you see any signs at all that make you think that they may be experiencing any type of abuse or neglect, please report your concerns.

To report a child at risk

  • · Call 01492 575111 during office hours
  • · Call 0300 123 3079 at any other time
  • · Complete a referral form and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To report an adult at risk:

  • · Call 0300 456 1111 during office hours
  • · Call 0300 123 3079 at any other time

· Complete a referral form and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Working together to safeguard people: Code of Safeguarding Practice

This sets out Welsh Government expectations in relation to safeguarding arrangements. Individuals, groups and organisations offering activities or services are expected to follow this advice.

Wales Safeguarding Procedures

The Wales Safeguarding Procedures provide guidance to practitioners involved in safeguarding on how things should be done. You can download the procedures onto your mobile phone. Links for downloading the App are at the bottom of the landing page on the website at the link below. Once you have downloaded the App you do not need to have a Wi-Fi connection to view them.

Safeguarding Duties for Trustees

Protecting people and safeguarding responsibilities should be a governance priority for all charities.   The following is a link to guidance which will support trustees to put  systems in place that will protect all who come in contact with their organisation.

Charity Commission 5-minute guide “Safeguarding for charities and trustees”

This brief and accessible guide highlights your responsibilities to keep everyone who comes into contact with your charity safe from harm: this includes volunteers, staff and beneficiaries.

See the video here - Safeguarding for charities and trustees - YouTube

Internet Safety

The Stop it Now public awareness campaign is aimed at tackling the increased viewing and sharing of illegal images of children.

The campaign website offers a wide range of resources and information to help people stop viewing and sharing sexual images,  and to support the families and friends of people who access sexual images of children.

Internet safety settings:

Get Safe Online

Get Safe Online and CIFAS - the UK's leading fraud prevention service - have teamed up develop a new check-a website facility.The tool runs a number of checks to see whether a website is likely to be legitimate or not.

It can be found here: 

North Wales Safeguarding Board

North Wales Safeguarding Children Board

The Board has the overall responsibility for challenging relevant agencies in the area so that:

  • There are effective measures in place to PROTECT children
  • There is effective inter-agency co-operation planning and delivering protection services and in sharing information
  • Anticipating & Identifying where there may be individuals affected and work with service providers to develop earlier identification and preventative services
  • Promote effective multi agency support services
  • Promote inter agency approaches to working with community groups and organisations where there may be populations at risk of harm
  • Using inter-agency training and dissemination of learning and research to help build a more confident and knowledgeable multi agency workforce.

North Wales Safeguarding Adult Board

The objectives of a Safeguarding Adults Board are:

  • To protect adults within its area who have needs for care and support (whether or not a local authority is meeting any of those needs) and are experiencing, or are at risk of, abuse or neglect,
  • To prevent those adults within its area becoming at risk of abuse or neglect. 

Safeguarding Policy

All organisations that work with children (anyone not yet 18 years old) and adults at risk should put in place a safeguarding policy stating how they intend to keep those people safe.

Please see below a link to CVSC’s own Safeguarding Policy which promotes this collective responsibility to keep everyone safe.

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